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I studied Graphic Design at University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA) in Argentina. I´ve started working in advertising and design agencies during my first years as a student. After graduated in 2007, I gained vast experience at fashion and cosmetics industry, in brands such as Tsu Cosméticos, Airborn and Grisino. During those years, my work was focused on art direction, editorial and textile illustration, production, branding and identity. Today, I work as a freelance designer and illustrator in my studio based in Buenos Aires.

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Ph.: Sol Abadi. Uruguay.


During my studies as a designer until nowadays, I continue learning and growing as an editorial, fashion and children illustrator. I attended to watercolour workshops with Oscar Rojas and colour pencil classes with Jimena Tello. I was trained in “Creative Process” workshop at Sótano Blanco art school. In 2012, I was part of Fernanda Cohen’s “Mondo Ilustre” worshop. In 2013, I joined embrodery and illustration with my teacher Sole Otero and also attended to a punchneedle class with Laura Ameba. I continue exercicing this art and craft discipline by myself, with the guide and help of “Manual”, the book written by Guillemina Baiguera. Today, I’m trained in illustrated children’s books at “Había una vez un Libro”, teached by Mariana Ruiz Johnson and Sabina Álvarez Schürmann.

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Ph.: Male Vigón Ruffa. Chile.


In febraury 2014, it was published in Argentina “Art, design and communication at kindergarten”, edited by Novedades Educativas. Co-written with the Kindergarten Professor (and sister) Ana Vigón Ruffa, this book started as art classes for children during 2002 and 2003. Ten years later, after a deep research and field experiences in local schools, we published a book that gathers ideas for planning projects and sequences for kindergarten’s teachers. It’s also for curious families searching artistic activities to share with their children. For more information about the book and workshops for teachers, visit“Libro Arte, diseño y comunicación en el jardín”. You can also see the developement and implementation of the activities at Jardín Maternal Tierra de Colores, direct by one of the authors and based in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires.

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Ph.: Melina Fera. Argentina.